M & R Status




    School Maintenance Repair Status Form Region : Pune

School State : Maharashtra

School Name :Latur

Age of JNV : Above 15 years


Annual Financial Limit in lacs : 10

Additional Financial Limit in lacs : 0

Amount Received from RO : 10 Lacs

Amount Utilized by JNV : 6.95 Lacs



Sr. No.




Repaired drainage line laying near girls dining hall(By using UPVC pipes, 80 foots & drainage pipes), Repairing drainage line near boys dining hall,Removed water stagnating before MP Hall civil work.Replacement and fitting of 64 UPVC taps of students dormitories and other plumbing work. Made a suitable wasbasin which includes 6 taps especially for girls dish washing purpose with suitable  shade from available material. 500 Ltrs. water tank also fitted for it. Repairs of glass panes, flooring in kitchin room of staff quarters and also replaced new taps wherver required.

      Repair of LT line in entire campus by changing insulators and conducters wherever necessary.   Replacement of MCB boxes of school building, office & few staff quarters. Repair of tube lightes and fans of girls hostel.  Proucred 36  LED street lights to replace it with  old and non functioning  lights.  Leveling of Vidyalaya main ground with the help of JCB  and made channels wherever necessary and regular. Masquitoes wiremesh for girls hostel.  Repaired borewell 7.5 HP submercible pump.The M & R work of few  old staff quarters carried out as per the requirement and availability of funds. 

6.95 lacs