Popularity of the District


Latur is the district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This city has a historical background. King 'Amoghvarsha' of Rashtrakutas developed this city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas. Latur city has the famous 'Ganjgolai' as the central place of the city. The town planner Shri Faiyajuddin prepared the plan for the 'Ganjgolai Chowk'.

Latur is an important centre of trade and commerce. It is also famous for various industries. It is famous for the places like Siddheshwar and Ratneshwar Temple, Ganj Golai, Kharosa Caves etc.


Latur has an ancient history, which probably dates to the Rashtrakuta period. It was home to a branch of Rashtrakutas which ruled the Deccan 753-973 AD. The first Rashtrakuta king Dantidurga was from Lattalur (Kannada: ಲಟ್ಟಲೂರು), probably the ancient name for Latur. Anecdotally, Ratnapur is mentioned as a name for Latur.

The King Amoghavarsha of Avinash developed Latur city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas. The Rashtrakutas who succeeded the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 AD called themselves the residents of Lattalur.

It was, over the centuries, ruled by the Satavahanas, the Sakas, the Chalukyas, the Yadavas of Deogiri, the Delhi Sultans, the Bahamani rulers of South India, Adilshahi, and the Mughals.

In the 17th century, it became part of the independent princely state of Hyderabad. Under Hyderabad the tax system was reformed and many of the exploitive taxing practices were ended.[3] In 1905 it was merged with surrounding areas, renamed Latur tehsil, and became part of Osmanabad district, which until 1948 was a part of Hyderabad state under the Nizam. The chief of Nizam's Razakar army Qasim Rizwi was from Latur.

After independence and the merger of Hyderabad with the Indian Union, Osmanabad became part of Bombay Province. In 1960, with the creation of Maharashtra, Osmanabad was one of its districts. On August 15, 1982, a separate Latur district was carved out of Osmanabad district.

Tourist spots

1.     Wadwal Nagnath - This small hillock near Chakur is home to hundreds of rare species of plants, most of them believed to be of medicinal use in Ayurveda. Every year, yatra is held here when thousands of pilgrims from the district and nearby throng to Wadwal.

2.     Sai Nandanwan - Another tourist spot near Chakur. Recently developed. Spread into nearly 400 acres (1.6 km2), it has mango plantations, water park and amusement park. A temple of Satya Sai Baba is situated in the middle of the park.

3.     Kharosa - It has caves carved in the laterite rocks. Believed to be dated as back as to the 8th century AD.

4.     Latur - There are many small-big attractions. Siddheshwar temple, Viraat Hanuman mandir, Nana-Nani Park are to name a few.

5.     Lohara- A village in Udgir Taluka known for the Mahadev Bet (hill) & Gabeisaheb Bet. Beninath maharaj math is a famous trust, run from the time of Nizam shahi dynasty.

6.     Bhakaskheda - An ancient famousJagdamba devi temple which is from ancient time.

7.     Devarjan - A small hill in Udgir taluka with a shrine on the top.

Higher education

Latur has developed as a good educational center in Maharashtra over the years.

In past few years, Latur has emerged as an educational hub for higher education. There are many institutions which offer degree level (which include bachelor's degree, master's degree) education. Most of the well established professional degree colleges are located in Latur city, many have recently been erected in sub-urban area. Being renowned for its glorious results, Latur city drags many students from different parts of state.

Primary and secondary education


There are as many as 1284 primary schools run by and 487 private schools affiliated to the Education department of Latur District Council . The primary medium of teaching in most of these schools is Marathi. However; many schools observe English, Semi-English, Urdu medium of teaching.Latur is famous for its Latur pattern which has given toppers to the state for many years in HSC and SSC exams conducted by MSBSHSE.