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Safety & Security Point

JNV Compliance


Daily verification of M.O.D. report by the Principal

Vice Principal & Principal daily verify the M.O.D. reports in r/o the vidyalaya.


Monthly updating of students medical records and verification by the Principal

Individual medical records are maintained by the Staff Nurse daily which is being updated by her.  The part time medical visiting Doctor is made available for the vidyalaya students & as his dispensary is near to Vidyalaya, it is very convenient to visit the Doctor for the vidyalaya or to take the students to the dispensary.


Daily visit of House-Master to dormitory, interaction with children particularly migrated children, along with verification of issue of student’s articles in time

All the House Masters visits the dormitories as per the directions of Samiti.  HMs interacting with the children including migrated children.     Students are getting articles in time, every month. 


Availability of drinking water and maintenance of running water facility to toilets and bathrooms

The drinking water is available and 500 lit capacity RO plant is working and running water is provided to Hostel, Bath rooms and toilets.

                The maintenance of toilets, bathrooms and water supply is supervised by a committee which includes Vice Principal & Staff Nurse to maintain the cleanliness in Houses and Academic building. One group ‘D’ exclusively made available for House and surrounding cleaning purpose.


Nominating a suitable Counselor for counseling of emotionally disturbed children

Dr. Milind Potdar, Psychiatrist and Alumni is giving counseling as per need.


Assigning Rotational responsibility to designated staff for supervision of physical hazards/danger points in and around campus and taking remedial action

The MOD is designated for supervision and physical hazards. Precautions are taken and time to time guidelines are issued to staff.


Weekly review meeting by Principal with House-Masters and House Captains

As per the directions of the Samiti, the meetings are being conducted in the vidyalaya.


Operationalizing Vidyalaya Control Register, M&R/complaint Register and grievance box. All to be directly monitored by Principal

The said registers & grievance box are being available in the vidyalaya and the same is being maintained by the undersigned as per the rules of Samiti.


Locking dormitory during day time and school building during night

Vidyalaya is having the practice of locking the dormitories during day time and school building during night.   The same is verified from time to time by the undersigned, Staff Nurse of the Vidyalaya.


Cleaning of bushes and adequate lightening in the campus

Time to time cleaning of bushes is being done.  Further there is adequate lightening in vidyalaya campus.


Regulating entry/exit at Main Gate

On vidyalaya gate the necessary records regarding entry / exit is maintained by vidyalaya, the same is being verified by Principal. In the afternoon time also arrangements have been made during lunch break for the supervision of vidyalaya main gate


Proper repairs of boundary walls

Recently vidyalaya boundary wall has been collapsed at 04 places. The same was informed to samiti. As per Deputy Commissioner, NVS, RO Pune Letter No. 8-3(vii)/NVS(PR)/2016-17/2272, dated 27.09.2016. The required details for reconstruction of the collapsed boundary wall and requested to make deviation for the said work with M & R special work which is progress in JNV Latur. Presently collapsed boundary wall has been closed with fencing wire for the safety and security of the children


Monthly fumigation in campus to control insects/mosquitoes etc

Time to time fumigation to control insects/mosquitoes is being done in campus to prevent the diseases like malaria, dengue etc


Sick children to stay in MI Room under supervision of Staff Nurse and not in dormitories during day time

As per the directions of the Samiti, sick children are under supervision of Staff Nurse in the school building during day time.